Milano Surfboards

We do not build the board until checkout process and payment is finished.

The building time of the board is 3-4 weeks for PU construction and 4-5 weeks for Epoxy boards (EPS, Techno Drive, FBI or XTR Parallel Carbon).

Boards with any type of Artwork (Airbrush, Black Edition or Glass Tint) or Gloss + Polish work takes 1 aditional week from standard production time.

FUTURE FINS plugs comes in white or black color.

FCS 2 plugs comes in white or black color.

MILANO logo comes in solid black for white boards or Artwork/Glass Tint with light color, and solid white for dark color boards.

We do not accept the return of any surfboards or purchased product.

Surfboards do not come with fins or any surf accessories, they have to be purchased separately.

COVID-19 ALERT, at MILANO SURFBOARDS we are aware of how fast and it is easy for the ¨Coronavirus¨ to spread, that is why, that all the people who are involved in the production of our boards they go through a rigorous and constant biosecurity control. Once the product was finished, it was disinfected on its entire surface. The compound used contains the following ingredients: Distilled water + concentrated detergent (Surfactant + Bactericide) + Sodium hypochlorite.