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Lucca Mesinas Moments Ep. 1
This´s Milano Surfboards
Lucca Mesinas Ct x 2 Hawaii Quiver
De Col Brothers Hawaii 2022.
Lucca Mesinas, Qualified for the 2022 CT WSL Dream Tour.
Lucca Mesinas - Cabo Blanco, Perú 2021.
Welcome back to the team Tomas Tudela - MILANO SURFBOARDS
Relaunch of the Da Tiki Model 2022 with Tomas Tudela
Tomas Tudela surfing with the models: Da Tiki / Prototype / M.2 Money Maker.
Tomás Tudela surfing a 5.7 1/2´´ The Murder and 5´10´´ Money Maker.
Tomas Tudela and Lucca Mesinas solid waves in El Paso, Punta Hermosa.
Tomas Tudela and Gabriel Aramburu at El Huaico.
THE NOMAD - Mid Lengths Board.
THE MURDER TWO - Performance Board.
Tablas Olimpicas Tokyo 2020 por Surfplace Peru.
Surfing partners Lucca and Tomás
Summer Days At Home - Lucca Mesinas
Sofia Mulanovich 8 pack board for ISA El Salvador
Quiksilver Pro La Herradura - Lucca Mesinas
PIPE JEWEL - Old School board.
PERU SURF TV - Milano Surfboards, Camila Sanday and Tokyo 2020.
Mimi Barona at Montañitas - Money Maker.
Milano Surfboards - The Nomad Model.
Milano Surfboards - Modern Hippie Model
Luca Aza having fun at Lowers on his 80’s ATTACK !
Gabriel Aramburu garden home El Huayco.
Gabriel Aramburu destroying on a 7´2´´ STEP UP and 5´9´´ SUPERNOVA Models in Perú.
Gabriel Aramburu Barreling
DRS MODEL - Board Review Milano Surfboards.
Dario Millano shaping April 2021
Cristobal De La Flor contest mode Sept. 2021.
Cristobal De La Flor 5´8´´ Money Maker September 2020.
Cristobal De Col testing his Pro Attack !
Tomás Tudela - M.2 Money Maker 5´10´´ - Punta Rocas, Perú.
Sofia Mulanovich training in Caballeros with his 5´5´´ Money Maker.

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